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About Us

I'd like to personally welcome you to!  It's appreciated & cool that you came to this page to read about us.

Over the years, I've been frustrated with the quality and quantity of greeting cards and e-cards available for me to send to my lover and my gay friends.  They were basically non-existant.  Not to mention the cards my straight family sent me were just so "hetero".  They were nice, but not something i could really relate to.

So I decided to do something about it.  An e-card website made for people like you and me.  Cards that reflect our community, our lives, our feelings, humor, sensibilities and our unique pride & take on life.  Cards we could send to each other, and cards for the straight world to send that might be more meaningful to us. 

Our community is as diverse as our country and our goal is to create cards for everyone within our community.  So if we don't have a card that's exactly "you" yet, know that it's in the works.  Nobody is left out intentionally and we appreciate that you understand we're a new company, gay owned and operated, and producing new content each and every day!  

Keep an eye out for new features coming soon- like an all gay e-vite service for party invitations & an on line calendar to track  all your important occasions. Plus new cards as fast as we can make them.

Your ideas, thoughts, opinions, and suggestions are all welcomed and appreciated!

Please write to me and tell me what you'd like!

We're buidling this for you and value your input!

I hope you like our site and tell your friends and family.

Thanks again for visiting and I hope you find great fun, joy and pride using our site.

We're proud to annouce the launch of our new app PuzzleBody for Android phones & Tablets. Check this out.  Everyone is saying it's way cool.


Rick Scott